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OCG was founded with the mission to help you understand your Data Footprint while developing a Master Plan to help you better manage your exploding data storage needs.

With the massive explosion in data — from 4.4 zettabytes (ZB) in 2013 to a projected 44 ZB in 2020, and more than 180 ZB by 2025 according to IDC, OCG is committed to helping you understand your Data Footprint and employ the best On Premise and Cloud methodologies to satisfy your storage needs with a set-it and forget-it rule based automatically managed methodology.

Our philosophy is to stop and listen to our customers , Understand their  objectives and pain points, gather the necessary facts (your data footprint)  and together architect a solution that includes the best technology to achieve your desired results.

Introducing The Team


David, Alan and Jason combined have decades of experience working for Suppliers, Distributors and Solution Providers helping  customers understand the latest greatest technologies to solve their most important business problems.

Suppliers and traditional Solution Providers utilize a product lead sales methodology.

We're different...  We empower you to make decisions based on a through understanding of your Data Footprint.

 By helping you understand how to better utilize your existing storage, allows you to make better storage purchasing decisions.

Our strategic Partnerships and expertise will provide you an unbiased look at your Data Footprint so that you can confidently deploy a plan for future storage infrastructure acquisitions be it On-Premise or Cloud Based solut

Our Promise to You


Before you spend another penny on storage, you can count on OCG to:

  • Provide you valuable information around your Data  footprint than you have ever seen.
  • Ensure you are well informed to make future hardware agnostic storage decisions
  • Provide you with a Set-It and Forget-It rules based Data FootPrint management infrastructure. 
  • Save you Data Management time and significant capital expenditures on storage,
  • Place your data where it belongs freeing up valuable Tier 1 storage.
  • No Smoke and Mirrors, No Rabbit out of the hat tricks, just your data our tools and Presto...  Your Results!

Resource ToolKit


Data Footprint TCO Calculator

Find out how much you will save by understanding your Companies complete DataFootprint in this easy to use TCO calculator


How can Intelligent Data Management enable you to leverage cost-efficient secondary storage, such as cloud and object storage, without disrupting users or applications?
The TCO metrics in this report are a culled aggregation of data from 10 organizations using Komprise to manage data across NAS storage, object storage and cloud. The data footprint in the organizations varied from 100 terabytes of NAS data to 10 petabytes of NAS data. Typical NAS storage used were NetApp, EMC Isilon, and Windows File Servers. Average 3-Year Savings of $10.4M were based…

Simple Affordable NAS Migration

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How I Can Optimize My Data Footprint?

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Our mission is to help you understand your Data Footprint so you can make informed storage acquisition decisions.  We're not saying don't buy more storage, but buy the right storage at the right time to fit your Data FootPrint needs.

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