We Care About Your Data Footprint

Decades of Experience


OCG was created because we were tired of hard driving sales pressure driven from upper sales management and the Supplier to sell customers  more storage.  

We Believe that the purchase of Storage should not occur until the customer understand's their Data Footprint enabling them to make educated Storage acquisition decisions...  PERIOD!

With more than 100 combined years of technology sales and marketing experience, we've experienced first hand how technology has been sold and we are driven to change the model!.

Everyone knows suppliers make their money selling the latest greatest technology and sales teams are paid  commission on sales, which means nobody gets paid until somebody sells something or you the customer purchases something. 

Our team is all about applying technology to first understand and then use what we learned to provide the right solution - NOT shoehorn the newest, latest greatest, highest margin, most commissionable, slowest mover  products...  but rather let the customer make the right decision.

There are so many different storage options which one is right for you?  Maybe all of them, maybe one of them, but before you decided you must be educated thats where we come in. 

We are committed to helping you  understand  your Data Footprint through our intuitive methodology and  innovative tools.  Our goal is to ensure you understand your data footprint so that you can stop spending blindly on storage and create a self managed data storage plan not only helping you  save  time and money but allowing you to make the best storage decisions for your company, Today,  Tomorrow and always without Supplier influence or bias.

Our Methodology


We use your data, a real-time fact based analytics tool and our intuitive methodology to show you your data Footprint allowing you to understand and make immediate Data Footprint decisions while simultaneously creating an set it and forget it rules best strategy aligned to your business requirements freeing up your most valuable storage.

Why Us?


We Are:

  • NOT High Pressure or Quota Driven
  • NOT leading with a Storage Vendor
  • NOT Trying to protect our install base
  • NOT In it for the Hardware / Storage Sale
  • IN IT to help you make informed data storage decision
  • IN IT to help you contain your data storage costs
  • IN IT to help you understand and manage your Data FootPrint